Smart School Lighting Projects for College Campuses

Time: 2018-11-14
Summary: Learned individuals should take additional responsibility for the betterment of our society. Focusing on bringing a positive change in the college campus can do much more than traditional classroom programs and textbook knowledge. Effecting a positive social change can impact immensely on the reputation of your college. The current world is facing a major energy challenge and subsequent environmental impact.

Smart School Lighting Projects for College Campuses

Make the grade with a renewed focus on energy efficiency

Learned individuals should take additional responsibility for the betterment of our society. Focusing on bringing a positive change in the college campus can do much more than traditional classroom programs and textbook knowledge. Effecting a positive social change can impact immensely on the reputation of your college. The current world is facing a major energy challenge and subsequent environmental impact. Any step towards saving energy can go a long way in saving our environment and the future of our planet. 

Smart school lighting can exactly offer you such energy saving benefits with the environmental and social impact that can go beyond the conventional education. The benefits of using such high end and advanced technology will surpass the initial cost associated with it. So, this summer focus on building digital infrastructure and review the possible ways you can support the activities as well as the requirements of your students. Such implementations will also benefit your staffs and at the same have a positive impact on the local community.

When you think of revamping your college campus the idea usually hovers around the renovation and grounds keeping maintenance. But employing modern lighting controls and facility to empower energy saving solution can be a smart means to improve your college campus experiences. Moreover, such an initiative of energy saving solutions and lighting systems may become a primary selling point for the future students to enroll in your college. 

Lighting controls for the primary buildings and the student centers

The student center is the most happening place on your college campus. It is usually the center of all activities and a college becomes lifeless without a booming student center. It is the buzzing place with a massive area and often becomes extremely difficult to manage the facilities at this place efficiently. The primary building of the college poses a similar managerial challenge. It is difficult to keep track of the shifting in the program and schedule an activity of the students all through the semester. Additionally, operating (switching on and off) manually with the help of staffs is an inefficient way of using manpower, specifically when it becomes a daily duty.

The time switch is a perfect solution to this problem. Installing a good quality Programmed digital weekly time switch for lights is a good way to free up some of your valuable staff time while managing the lighting control system energy more efficiently. A digital time switch will also help to tend other additional requirements and manage schedules more effectively. You can pre-program schedule with the help of digital controls. This will also allow you to access the lighting control system from a sole centrally located hub that can be controlled either online or on-site. The system will prevent unnecessary waste of energy. There are provisions to change the lighting schedule whenever necessary. So, there is no question of getting caught off guard due to some change in programs or class schedules at the last moment. You can use different programs such as a 7-day timer switch or weekly digital timer to control the lighting system according to the schedule of your college. Similarly, there is 24-hour daily time switch as well. There will be no more waste of energy because of unnecessary use of lights.

The lighting controls just turn on seamlessly with the help of sensor switches when some person enters the room. So, the light will turn on in these rooms during the presence of occupants. For example, if such systems are implemented in classrooms the lights will automatically turn on during classes and will go off after a fixed period when the students leave the class. This system will allow the students and teachers to focus only on their work without having to bother about the complicated switches to turn on and off the lighting systems. The whole process is highly energy efficient as there is no chance of human error and lights remaining switched on in an empty room even after the end of the class.

Lighting for spaces with limited use such as bathrooms

Another area where lighting controls with automatic time switches are in great need is the lighting of spaces with limited use such as the bathrooms or the storage rooms. Unnecessary use of lightings has to be monitored in these places to avoid huge waste of energy. These are ideal places to install occupancy sensors that will help to decrease the energy consumption and minimize energy wastage. Ultrasonic waves and infrared are used by the Dual Technology sensors to detect the presence of occupants in these rooms with great accuracy. They subsequently adjust the indoor lighting systems. 

Lighting systems in the walkways and parking lots

This is one of the most important areas of campus where safety issues are highly dependent on the lighting system. In these areas, the lighting system plays a vital role in the crime prevention strategies of your college and may also be essential in a real sense to ensure safety for the students and staffs of your college. It is obvious that the chances of committing any sort of crime are limited to a well-lit place compared to a dark or poorly lit area. Therefore, the control of lighting systems in these areas is of tremendous importance. You can use porch light timers, stair light time switch, and time delay switch according to your need.

To ensure the good working condition of the exterior LEDs of your college, it is better to consider upgrading them to the advanced ones with specific designs to protect them from high inrush currents. This effective protection increases the lifespan of the LEDs and their control system. So, such actions will minimize your need for unexpected and untimely maintenance of these lights which may become quite costly in the long-run. 

Moreover, this system will not only regulate the regular On and Off schedule of the outdoor lighting (to illuminate the outdoor areas of the campus) but also help in harnessing the maximum potential of natural lights. Thus, this system of photo control will help your college to maximize the utilization of natural light, thereby reducing the excess cost of energy while maintaining the highest level of safety.

Older dorm rooms

Your college may contain some older dorm rooms having old electrical wiring and systems. They may not be well-equipped to deal with power surge problems. The older the rooms the more likely for them to be compromised or less secure against power surge issues. Such rooms can become a significant problem for students who will plug their valuable electronic appliances such as stereos, HD-televisions, video game consoles, smartphones, tablets or laptops. The electrical arrangements of some dorm rooms may be decades old and they are certainly not equipped to handle the safety of these expensive electronic appliances.

The students may install point-of-use devices for surge protection. But these devices are not efficient enough to provide full protection. They can only minimize the risk to some extent. Installation of a whole-facility system of surge protection is the sole means of safeguarding these expensive electrical devices. If the old dorm rooms in your college lack these advance surge protection systems then this is an area of concern and you should look after. This is not only about the safety of the expensive devices, but also important for the safety of the students as well as the reputation of your college.

Hope the above insight on digital lighting controls and best practices on refrigeration energy savings will make you ready to implement such facilities in your college, school or university. Make your college appear on the Green College list in the coming semester. Create an impact on the society and your local community through the energy saving models and initiative at your college. Contact our team and we will make your college one of the most energy efficient one.

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